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Kill Trip delivers an in-your-face sludge rock soundtrack for the end of humanity!


The band plays sludgy riffs with elements of hardcore and punk. Justesen's vocals range from a dark and somber “Weltschmerz” tone to an aggressive “FUCK THE SYSTEM!” assault.


The band is inspired by the bands they heard when they were young, like Down, Life of Agony and Alice in Chains. But also newer acts such as Red Fang, Mastodon and Kowloon Walled City are inspirations.


The lyrics circle around the desperation and frustration of poverty, drug addiction, death, the degradation of the climate, war, religion/spirituality, mysticism and the natural elements that surround us.


A special driving force is the fear of becoming the generation who will witness the demise of the planet.


Kill Trip is:

Karsten Gøeg: drums

Thomas Gajhede: guitars

Claus Langkjær: bass

Rasmus Justesen: vocals.

The first three come from the hard rock band Oktan (2006-2014), who in 2011 released the album Black Leaves and White Trash.  

Thomas also played guitar in the hard rock band 9000 Johnny Doe (Redneck is the New Black, 2014).

In 2014 the three formed Kill Trip with Rasmus Justesen from the electronica duo Sun on Us, who in 2015 released the album Damages.


The band will release a full length album in november 2019. Listen to a preview of the apocalypse on

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